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CodeBitel Agreement And Terms Of Service

Standard policies , terms and conditions from CodeBitel.For signing up with us and using our hosting and other services, you must agree to the following policies and terms of service.
Before signing up, please make sure you read the policies thoroughly and agree to them.You may contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns about the matter.
CodeBitel has the right to modify the terms and conditions of usage at any moment.We serve a large number of clients, and it has always been our top focus to ensure that each and every one of them is safe.

Change in Packages and Pricing :

At any time, CodeBitel maintains the right to change the pricing and services of its services and packages.The information on our site about prices and services is subject to change at any time without notice.The choice to raise the price of our services is solely ours, and the new pricing will apply to all new arrangements.CodeBitel reserves the right to increase the price at any time, and the new pricing will apply to all new deals; however, orders placed prior to the publication of the new price will only be evaluated at the old price except domain and hosting.

Late / Non-Payment :

  • All technical support will be revoked if your account is 7 days past due.
  • Your site and other services will be suspended if your account is 14 days past due.
  • Your sites and data will be erased from all of our systems if your account is 30 days over due.

We will make every effort to contact you via all available methods; however, it is your (client’s) obligation to keep accurate and up-to-current information such as address, contact, and billing information up to date.Details are updated on a regular basis: We use the most up-to-date contact information we have.We will not be held liable if you do not receive our notices owing to a change of contact address (which you have not updated with our database).Clients are solely responsible for keeping information up to date.We are not liable for any actions taken as a result of the client’s failure to receive or respond to CodeBitel alerts.

Spam Policy :

On our network, we have a zero tolerance policy for unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM.Our network cannot be used to manage unsolicited commercial email by any of our customers or associates.Resellers of CodeBitel are not permitted to host or acquiesce to the hosting of sites or information publicised by UCE from other networks.Violations of this policy may result in severe consequences, including the immediate termination of services.Upon receiving notification of a violation of our spam and UCE policy, we immediately launch an investigation.We may limit client access to our network for the length of this investigation.We reserve the right to cancel, abort, or terminate the respective account without prior notice if the violation is confirmed after investigation.Furthermore, we have the legal right to pursue a civil course of action to recover the costs associated with the inquiry.If the infraction is shown to be a criminal offence, we may alert law enforcement officials.Penalties will be imposed for violators of this policy.These infractions would be subject to an Administrative Fee.CodeBitel’s shared servers do not allow mass mailing.We do not engage in any business with such websites.Using your SMTP server account to send emails in bulk is not recommended.We recommend that you hire professional services from a third party or purchase your own dedicated server.

General :

  • Illegal Activities: It is completely prohibited to broadcast, store, or circulate any information, data, or material in violation of any applicable law or guideline, or that may enable the violation of any specific law or regulation.During the investigation of any suspected crime, we reserve the right to assist legal authorities or injured parties.
  • Injury or peril to other members: Our clients are not permitted to use our services or products to destroy, or attempt to destroy, in any way, including for pornography, or to send out any material (via e-mail, uploading, redistribution, or otherwise) that terrorises or promotes physical injury or obliteration of belongings.
  • Clients may not use any of our service products to broadcast any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting, or otherwise) that infringes on any third-party copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret or other proprietary civil liberties, including, but not limited to, the unlawful copying of copyrighted material and the digitization and circulation of images or photographs from any source, such as magazines, books, or other copyrigged materials.Clients may not use services or products to assemble, or attempt to gather, private information/details about third parties without their permission or knowledge.Circulation and/or redistribution of copyrighted material, as well as the aforementioned intrusion, will not be tolerated.

What do you own and What Not: Source Code/Database of Website :

  • Web Server: If indicated in the email/proposal sent by our sales team, clients receive free web hosting with their plan.As a result, they do not own it.
  • Clients do not own the content management system (CMS).A online application that allows you to manage your website’s content administration.The CMS (and all software) is owned by CodeBitel, and you can use it as long as your website is hosted on our server.
  • Clients do not own database software.Clients do not have access to CodeBitel’s database software, such as MySql.If a client has built the website, they own the data and content stored in the database.
  • Clients do not own source code (or any bespoke programming).The logic and connectors to other software running on the server are encoded in code written in the Web Server Platform’s language.Outside integrated system servers may also interface with source code.The HTML/CSS/Javascript for the browser to render on your screen will be generated from the source code.
  • Clients Own HTML, CSS, and Javascript.HTML and CSS are the foundations of nearly every website.It’s a language that browsers are familiar with.Javascript is a type of programming that may change the HTML and CSS of a website as the user interacts with it.Following the completion and final payment of the project, CodeBitel will give you with an agreement granting you ownership of the HTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • Clients own visual design.The user interface, photographs and videos, and understandable information of the website are all created using a combination of layout and presentable graphical assets such as colours, photography, and typography.The HTML/CSS/Javascript files will include the necessary information for the browser to render the website on your screen.Clients can sign a contract with CodeBitel that gives you ownership of the website’s visual design once the job is completed and paid in full.
  • Clients own the text content.The website text that is rendered in the browser is formatted, readable, search engine indexable, copyable, and pasteable.If the content is written by the client or an employee, the client owns the text content on his or her website.
  • Clients Own This in Photography…If they had taken the photos.The full or a portion of a digital photograph used as part of a logo, user interface, slideshow, gallery, video, or other visual design element on a website.If a client or an employee takes the photos for their website, they will own the images.

  • You don’t own the domain name, either.The Domain Name shows in the browser’s address bar.It’s the part of the website URL that’s humanly recognisable and recognised, and it’s indexed by search engines, presented in most marketing, and remembered as part of the brand.Despite being a registered domain owner, clients do not truly own a domain name.They have a contract with the domain registrar that gives them “ownership” of the domain, similar to how a phone company has a contract with them for a phone number.The registration of a domain name with a registrar does not grant legal ownership of the domain name, but rather an exclusive right to use it.

  • The domain name, web server platform, CMS, web platform, database software, and language used to develop your website will never be legally owned by clients.CodeBitel only offers a licence to utilise the Intellectual Property of the website that CodeBitel built with its own custom code.Only if a client programmes the website themself or has a “work for hire” arrangement will he/she possess the source code of the website.The client will own all of the website’s “visual design” and content if he or she writes his or her own material, designs the interface, takes his or her own photos, and creates his or her own graphics.Upon completion and final payment of the project, clients only possess the “Finished Assembled Work,” which includes HTML/CSS/Javascript, graphic design, and text content.

Conclusion: If a client requests the website’s source code, CodeBitel will not provide the website’s CMS technology, databases, location-specific sub-domains or sub-directory web pages, or web hosting information.The back-end of our template-based as well as customised website (Admin Panel/CMS) + location-specific (sub-domain) web pages produced by CodeBitel Team is the result of extensive study, new ideas, and years of hard work.CodeBitel retains ownership of its technology, and if a customer decides to terminate services with CodeBitel at any time, the client can acquire control of the domain name (if purchased by CodeBitel) after making all required payments (if any).CodeBitel will not disclose the website’s source code or backup, which includes the website’s Admin Panel/CMS and database mysql files.After the project is completed and full payment is received, the client has the right to get HTML/CSS/Javascript, graphic design, and text content.

Web Hosting Credentials: To preserve the technology of the website and the security of the web server from any malware/viruses, CodeBitel will not share Web Hosting Credentials with clients at any time.Clients receive Web Hosting as part of their Website Service.CodeBitel reserves the right to refuse the installation of any open source or third-party software/plugin/module/component/cms such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento, shopify, and others.

Domain Details: As long as the client’s website is hosted by CodeBitel, CodeBitel will not reveal the credentials for the domain purchased by CodeBitel for the client’s website.
If a client requests that CodeBitel Team supply domain control panel credentials, CodeBitel will do so after receiving a written email from the client stating that “If anything goes wrong with the structure or promotion of the website, Client will be completely accountable.”After delivering the domain credential, CodeBitel will not be held liable.”

Working on the Client’s Server: We do not host CodeBitel-designed and created web apps, websites, or portals on the client’s server.

Payment and Refund Issue :

All payments will be taken via CodeBitel Solution’s usual payment methods.There is no provision for any form of full or partial refund because we at CodeBitel Solution maintain strong interactions with our clients and carry out the complete procedure with their agreement.We state unequivocally that the amount paid will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.An order cannot be cancelled once it has been placed because it is instantly processed.Personal preferences that have changed over time cannot be used as a basis for a refund or chargeback.

To avoid unnecessary problems and technological issues, the company will not supply the content on any other medium, such as CD, pen drive, or moveable drives.You would be fully liable for the login credentials as well as the content of the sites provided if you gave this information.All payments for CodeBitel services must be paid in the name of “CodeBitel.” alone.We have not authorised any individual or organisation to collect payments for CodeBitel services under any other name (i.e. any other individual or company name).You are now informed that CodeBitel Solution will not be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of your business transaction with such fraudulent people or organisations.

Matter of Disputes and Jurisdictional Aspects :

Any legal dispute relating to CodeBitel will be resolved only in Dehradun’s jurisdiction.All legal concerns are governed only by current Dehradun legislation and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Dehradun courts.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction :

The laws of India govern this Agreement and any dispute or matter arising from the Member’s or Company’s use of CodeBitel, and the Member and the Company hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Dehradun, India.The complete agreement between you and CodeBitel about the use of the Site and/or the Service is contained in this Agreement, which you accepted upon use of the Site and further reiterated by becoming a Member of the CodeBitel.The remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect if any term of this Agreement is found to be invalid.
We hope that the above information will enable you to make the most of CodeBitel’s facilities and services while also strengthening our business relationships.Greetings from the bottom of our heart,Team CodeBitel is all set to assist you to serve with the best possible solutions.

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